Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions in mind? Find the answers here.


  1. 1. What are your operating hours?
    We are open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We are closed on Sundays.

  2. 2. Where are you located?
    We are located at Colón 352, OF. 318, La Serena, Coquimbo Region, Chile. However, on some occasions shipping times may be shorter depending on the locations, since we work under the direct delivery business model, so our supplier could have greater reach depending on the location.

  3. 3. Do you offer products for all types of pets?
    Yes, we have a wide variety of products for dogs, cats, birds, rodents, and other domestic animals. You're sure to find something for your pet here!

  4. 4. Do you sell natural and healthy pet food?
    No, unfortunately, we do not deal with pet food.

  5. 5. Do you have toys and accessories for pets?
    Absolutely, we offer a wide range of toys, collars, leashes, beds, and other accessories to keep your pets happy and comfortable.

  6. 6. Do you offer home delivery?
    Yes, we offer home delivery services to 7 countries. Details and shipping costs are available on our "Shipping Policies" page.

  7. 7. Do you accept returns?
    Yes, we accept returns within 30 days of purchase; please refer to our "Return Policy" for more information.

  8. 8. Do you provide pet care services like grooming or veterinary care?
    Unfortunately, no. Our focus is on product sales.

  9. 9. Can you help me find the right size of clothing for my pet?
    Certainly! Our trained staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the correct size of clothing or accessories for your pet, just ask.

  10. 10. Do you accept credit/debit cards?
    Yes, we accept major credit and debit cards, as well as other convenient forms of payment.

  11. 11. How can I get in touch with your customer service?
    You can reach our customer service by sending an email to info.brocatdog@gmail.com. We are also available through our social media channels.

  12. 12. Do you provide tips on pet care?
    Absolutely! We regularly publish articles and tips about pet care on our blog and social media. Stay tuned to our platforms for useful information.

  13. These are just some frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us. We are here to help ensure that your pets receive the best products and care possible.